Racing my way through Texas Cyclocross Season

Bent Wheel Bash

A couple of weeks ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone again and raced the Bent Wheel Bash, a XC race in Abilene. I think this makes my 3rd ever XC race and so far they’ve all been fascinatingly... Continue Reading →


Why are you doing this again??

It's a question I've been getting a lot lately.  Let's face it... at nearly 50 years old now, many of my peers are getting ready to retire (some already have!), or are settling down to life with the grandkids. Contrary to... Continue Reading →

The Process

With 'cross season over and done with, now is the time to make gains so that I can improve my performance and get stronger for 'cross season 2017.  I'll do a mix of gravel rides, mtb races and probably some... Continue Reading →

Missing Cross season!!

It's been a few weeks and I'm missing the weekly 'cross grind badly! SO.... in the meantime, I've been working on an update of my photo webpage at that will include a page focused solely on the fun of... Continue Reading →

Highlander Cross Cup

This weekend, the plan was to race both days, as usual, at the Highlander Cross Cup down in Waco.  Originally, the intent was to spend the night in Waco and save 4-5 hours of driving in the car commuting from... Continue Reading →

Resolution CX

Resolution CX has a bit of a special spot for me.  While I've definitely raced a time or two on the road many moons ago, 'cross is a new monster for me.  In December of 2014, when I was contemplating... Continue Reading →

Texas State CX – day 2

I continued the trend today on racing stronger on the 2nd day than on the first.  I have no explanation for it!  According to Strava, I believe I was over one mph faster on Sunday than on Saturday over the... Continue Reading →

Texas State CX – day 1

Fun ride today at the age based Texas State CX championships.  I raced in the 40+ 4/5s and nearly missed the start!  I was getting ready to go to the bathroom and lose some of the water I'd been drinking... Continue Reading →

WNX… last call

What a bummer. I hate that this week was the last week of WNX; it seems like I'm just now starting to figure some things out this season.  And missing a day of racing just as the weather is starting... Continue Reading →

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