Racing my way through Texas Cyclocross Season

FTP testing and beyond….

It's been a bit since my last FTP test. I had a feeling that there would be one coming up in the near future and sure enough, Coach Christina scheduled one for the past weekend.  There's been times in the... Continue Reading →


Getting back to work

New town, new rides... I've been doing quite a bit of exploring over the last few weeks on the road, on dirt roads and off the road. Lots of zone 2, building up that base to help me send it... Continue Reading →

Dude, where’ve you been?

Well.... it's been that kind of year. Someone once said something about the best laid plans of mice and men or, man makes plans and God laughs.... My 'cross season started off pretty good.  Had the best finish in the... Continue Reading →

Bent Wheel Bash

A couple of weeks ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone again and raced the Bent Wheel Bash, a XC race in Abilene. I think this makes my 3rd ever XC race and so far they’ve all been fascinatingly... Continue Reading →

Why are you doing this again??

It's a question I've been getting a lot lately.  Let's face it... at nearly 50 years old now, many of my peers are getting ready to retire (some already have!), or are settling down to life with the grandkids. Contrary to... Continue Reading →

The Process

With 'cross season over and done with, now is the time to make gains so that I can improve my performance and get stronger for 'cross season 2017.  I'll do a mix of gravel rides, mtb races and probably some... Continue Reading →

Missing Cross season!!

It's been a few weeks and I'm missing the weekly 'cross grind badly! SO.... in the meantime, I've been working on an update of my photo webpage at that will include a page focused solely on the fun of... Continue Reading →

Highlander Cross Cup

This weekend, the plan was to race both days, as usual, at the Highlander Cross Cup down in Waco.  Originally, the intent was to spend the night in Waco and save 4-5 hours of driving in the car commuting from... Continue Reading →

Resolution CX

Resolution CX has a bit of a special spot for me.  While I've definitely raced a time or two on the road many moons ago, 'cross is a new monster for me.  In December of 2014, when I was contemplating... Continue Reading →

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