Racing my way through Texas Cyclocross Season


October 2016

WNX Week #5

Wow... 5 weeks into this year's CX season already! Still warm.  Enjoying that a bit, but ready for some 'cross weather that's actually cool and muddy!  Been pretty warm and dry/dusty so far. I've raced 14 times in 6 weeks... Continue Reading →


FWCX Day #2

Legs... anyone who's ever turned a pedal in anger has had days where you should have been strong but at the buzzer... you've got nada.  Or, conversely, days where you should have been weak or tired and you turn in... Continue Reading →

FWCX Day #1

Fun day at the races today.  I'm not entirely sure how to handle the late afternoon race starts as far as eating goes.  I'll need to figure that out before state next month for sure. Today's race started out not... Continue Reading →

Riding in the dark….

I guess it's that time of year.  I rarely get home and on the bike before 7PM each night.  Which pretty much means my entire ride is in dark city. It's not bothering me as much as it did last... Continue Reading →

WNX #4

Well... that was a beating.  First lap got caught behind some silliness, had to dismount and run up the hill 2x, on the 2nd occasion, my Bianchi took the opportunity to throw its chain and all said and done I... Continue Reading →

WNX #2

Tonight was going to be another first for me... Coach Christina wanted me to get in plenty of threshold time tonight which meant doing two races.  So I saddled up and raced the short course as well as the 4/5... Continue Reading →

Day 2 NTCX

After Saturday's dead legs debacle, I really had no idea what to expect Sunday morning.  I was a little bit sore, but nothing out of control and decided, WTF, I'd give it a go and see what happened. I did... Continue Reading →

Day 1, NTCX

Well, that was brutal. You ever have one of those races where you prepared right, ate right, slept right, warmed up right, hydrated right and then when the buzzer went off your legs went "fuck you very much, we're not working... Continue Reading →

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