Well, that was brutal.

You ever have one of those races where you prepared right, ate right, slept right, warmed up right, hydrated right and then when the buzzer went off your legs went “fuck you very much, we’re not working today.”  That was pretty much how my day went today.

The course was held at the same venue as the super fun Wednesday night cross races that I am very familiar with after last year’s racing and one week of it this year.  Mentally I was relaxed to some degree thanks to the comfort level of racing here several times last year, and pretty much knowing what to expect.

The course designers threw in a few curve balls, namely expanding the course to include a wide open power section on the flats.  Not that I ever get a rest in a cross race anyway… but that long power section just destroyed my legs.

I haven’t raced like this all year, a few gravel grinders mostly, but no super hard extended race pace efforts.  Today makes 3 days in the last 7 that I’ve raced.  Maybe that’s why the legs are dead.  I dunno.  I’m worried that 3 race days into a very compacted season and I’m toast already.

I’ve downed a bunch of water, stretched, and tried to recover as best I can.  Will make it an early night and try to sleep all I can tonight.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.