After Saturday’s dead legs debacle, I really had no idea what to expect Sunday morning.  I was a little bit sore, but nothing out of control and decided, WTF, I’d give it a go and see what happened.

I did alter my usual warm up, however.  Usually I will spin on the trainer for 15-20 minutes after riding around easy for a bit and have 2-3 short and hard efforts, just to the point where the legs start to burn.  Sunday, however, I just chilled out on the trainer, loosening the legs up nice and easy.

I went to call ups and waited at the back of the pack to get onto the course.  At the whistle, I took off with everyone else and knew within a few moments it was going to be a better day.

I enjoyed the ride, negotiating the technical and twisty sections faster than the group of guys I was riding with and actually made some passes during the race.  It was especially fun passing guys on the barriers – Coach Christina has had me working barriers for weeks leading up to the season and it definitely paid off.

The one downer of the race for me was crossing the line and seeing 2 more laps when I figured there would be one more.  I had been chugging along at a pretty brisk pace (for me) and thinking I would have 2 more laps rather than just one more caused me to ease off the pace a bit to make sure I had enough gas in the tank.  And then the next time by the finish line I was done.   I figure it probably cost me about a minute or so of time; I don’t know that it would have altered my placing at the back of the pack but I wanted to hit the finish line empty…. and I wasn’t.  Such is life; there’s a lot more opportunities to bury myself in the next few months for sure.

Next up is another WNX and then travel to Georgetown this weekend.  Let’s see what happens, shall we?