Tonight was going to be another first for me… Coach Christina wanted me to get in plenty of threshold time tonight which meant doing two races.  So I saddled up and raced the short course as well as the 4/5 race.

Traffic, of course, sucked.  And when I got on site, they were still sorting out issues with the new timing chips and there was a bit of a line there as well.  All of which combined to ensure that I had zero warm up to speak of before the short course race.  I was able to ride around the course once, and in general toodle around for a bit loosening the legs but that was all.  I figured I could get in the anticipated 3 laps of effort and then hydrate and chill out before the next race.  Finished  the 3 laps and there was still time on the clock…. I pretty much shut it down the last lap, working on lines through the corners and taking each barrier even though technically it was not required on the short course race.

I hydrated and kept the legs moving before the 4/5 race and then sat around waiting to race with everyone else until the buzzer went off.

Initially, I felt great!  I had 3 laps of great effort where everything seemed to flow and probably turned out to be too much effort because I popped like a ripe tomato and more or less hung on to survive the last few laps.  Even though I popped I’m pleased with how the night went.  I’d rather blow up and run out of gas than not have legs at all, like I did on Saturday.

Considering that in the last two weeks I’ve now done 5-6 races, my body is still getting adjusted to the stress and getting me ready for the bigger races later on this year.

Off to Georgetown this weekend!