Fun day at the races today.  I’m not entirely sure how to handle the late afternoon race starts as far as eating goes.  I’ll need to figure that out before state next month for sure.

Today’s race started out not very well; my stomach was upset and I got to spend quality time in the porta potty, and physically I’m still pretty tired.  My legs at the start felt pretty weak and lacking power but as the race went on I started to feel better and better.  Actually passed a few guys today, that was nice for a change!

You’ll note above what I have started calling the CX Mesa.  This is pretty typical for my CX experience, HR jumps up to max or near max and stays there for the next 40 minutes or so. It’s nice today, the course actually had some places to rest; and I’ve finally learned that on the really twisty, tight turns on a course, to relax and breathe as well.  Maybe some day I’ll figure out how to knock it down further…

It’s still warm for CX, I’m carrying a water bottle tomorrow because the last bit of the race I was suffering for some fluids pretty bad.

Mental note to self – concerning the eating… don’t eat a piece of pizza before the race even if you are super hungry.  Doesn’t taste all that good the 2nd time around when it comes back up!

Had fun today…. let’s see what tomorrow brings.