Legs… anyone who’s ever turned a pedal in anger has had days where you should have been strong but at the buzzer… you’ve got nada.  Or, conversely, days where you should have been weak or tired and you turn in an awesome performance.  It used to bother me how unpredictable good legs can be but then I remembered that even pro racers, competing in the biggest races in the world, with a huge team of carers looking after them; can show up to a race with bad legs.  It happens.

Even with a  great coach and some pretty impressive data compiled in Training Peaks I’ve still had rides that were supposed to be super hard only to have completely and totally dead legs and unable to go.

At today’s Fort Worth CX, I was entering unknown territory.  I’ve been racing almost every weekend, both days, and then Wednesday nights for going on a month now.  I raced yesterday and had a pretty rough day on the course. And we’re experimenting with my warm up to see what works best for my body.  So when the whistle was blown to start our race I had no idea what the legs would be.

Thankfully, I had decent legs (for me) today and I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  The course itself seemed to suit me, nothing super technical, and short steep little punchy climbs balanced out with a fairly longish but not too steep climb a couple times each lap. I want to say, according to Strava, every lap I did today was quicker than the same lap yesterday.

I nailed my race day eating a lot better than yesterday… had a nice lunch of some leftover pasta and a bit of a meatball 3 hours before race time.  Some jelly beans and a honey stinger wafer 30 minutes before the race and I was good to go.

Anyway, this weekend did a lot to buoy my confidence for the races ahead.  Can’t wait for the next one!