Wow… 5 weeks into this year’s CX season already! Still warm.  Enjoying that a bit, but ready for some ‘cross weather that’s actually cool and muddy!  Been pretty warm and dry/dusty so far. I’ve raced 14 times in 6 weeks if I’m counting right.  That’s more than I raced all of last year.

Tonight, I raced the short track first, and put in about 10-15 minutes of solid work before turning it off and cruising in as a warm up.  Tonight’s course was largely flat, with a little bit of a “lump” in the course that we went over and around.  Maybe 3-4 pedal strokes and you’re over it.

After the short track, I hydrated, stretched and had a little snack, for the hour and a half or so before the ‘main’ race for me.  Was going very strong the first few laps, pacing and passing guys that are usually well ahead of me.  All was going well until I couldn’t unclip my left foot at the little run up and fell over and busted my ass.

Of course, that’s where the crowd had gathered so I got a lot of heckles for being a dumb ass, so I rolled over, and did a few push ups which turned the heckles into cheers which was great until doing the push ups made me go anaerobic.  Dumb ass.  Getting back on the bike and trying to catch back up also pushed me over the limit so I eased back the throttle for the next lap and a half and then pushed hard to the finish.

It was a great way to celebrate my 48th birthday, I really enjoyed it a lot.  Took a beer handup on the lap I fell and it was lovely and cold… just what I needed at that moment.  I don’t know what it is about ‘cross that’s so fun. It’s clearly incredibly uncomfortable.  It hurts a lot. But it has me hooked.  I am already starting to dread the end of the WNX season in 4 weeks!!