Racing my way through Texas Cyclocross Season


November 2016

Texas State CX – day 2

I continued the trend today on racing stronger on the 2nd day than on the first.  I have no explanation for it!  According to Strava, I believe I was over one mph faster on Sunday than on Saturday over the... Continue Reading →


Texas State CX – day 1

Fun ride today at the age based Texas State CX championships.  I raced in the 40+ 4/5s and nearly missed the start!  I was getting ready to go to the bathroom and lose some of the water I'd been drinking... Continue Reading →

WNX… last call

What a bummer. I hate that this week was the last week of WNX; it seems like I'm just now starting to figure some things out this season.  And missing a day of racing just as the weather is starting... Continue Reading →

Gears and beers Day 2

What a doozy this was.  I've never done two races back to back like this and to be honest I was a bit intimidated.  My 4/5 race was at 9:30 in the morning for 40 minutes and the Masters race... Continue Reading →

Gears and Beers…. day 1

What a fun place to have a race. Gears and beers is held at the Tupps Brewery in McKinney - and the brewery itself is near to/next door to some old ruins in McKinney that make for a fantastic backdrop... Continue Reading →

WNX week #6

Well... last week I talked about missing the mud that is usually involved in cross season and this week got that in spades.   A pretty hard, soaking rain hit the course before and during setup and as a result... Continue Reading →

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