Well… last week I talked about missing the mud that is usually involved in cross season and this week got that in spades.   A pretty hard, soaking rain hit the course before and during setup and as a result there were some parts of the course that were definitely soggy.

After a pretty good short course race, where I had zero problems in the mud and slippery stuff, and the first two laps of the main race… things went to shit pretty quickly after that.  I had just caught, and passed in a turn one of the guys that’s always well up the road from me.  And down I went.  Got back on, nearly caught up to him again and totally lost it on a slick little uphill.  And then crashed in that same exact spot for the rest of the race.  Every. Damn. Lap.  I don’t know why I kept doing it the same way other than to say that I’m stubborn as hell and wanted to get up that damn hill just ONE more time on two wheels.

And then I crashed pretty hard on the last lap, just down for no real reason with just a few turns left.    The only thing I can think of is that I was just tired as hell and lost focus.

Speaking of being tired… I’m flat worn out. It’s been an extremely busy time at work and add cross into the mix and there’s not much left.  Need to get some rest before this weekend.