What a doozy this was.  I’ve never done two races back to back like this and to be honest I was a bit intimidated.  My 4/5 race was at 9:30 in the morning for 40 minutes and the Masters race was 50 minutes at 11:00.  While a bit nervous at the start of the 4/5 race I was determined to have fun and I did, putting in a solid 40 minors of work.  Was only lapped by the top 3 riders and not the entire field, as has happened before.  

The course was largely the same, with the exceptions of 8 turns.  The biggest lesson there being don’t follow the line, follow the course tape!

I had 30 minutes or so of down time and I spent that hydrating and eating.   At the start of the Masters race I just went as hard as I cold go, actually setting faster lap times for the first 3-4 laps than I did for the previous two races.  And then I just ran out of power and my legs and back were howling. 

All in all, things are definitely coming around.  Places I used to dread I now look forward to, like the barriers and run ups.  I finished my first 3 race weekend and all in all survived pretty well.  My legs were trash…. But then win, they were supposed to be.