What a bummer.

I hate that this week was the last week of WNX; it seems like I’m just now starting to figure some things out this season.  And missing a day of racing just as the weather is starting to cool off seems somewhat criminal at this point!

Thanks to traffic, I arrived on scene too late to get a good warm up in.  Which was unfortunate, as my legs had been feeling like first rate shit for the last two days.  All bloated and not happy at all. I had a bit of a stomach/rib cramp as well and it hurt to take a real deep breath.

Those two things combined to make me feel not very good about how the races were going to go.  While gearing up, though, I just decided to go out and have fun, go as hard as I can and get something out of the efforts.  For the first time, I actually decided I’d hit a good start at the beginning of the short track race, rather than sit back and let things develop.

Of course, I completely missed my pedal but once I got both feet locked in I hit it hard and found myself in the top 5-6 people… quite a different view!  I stayed up front as long as possible until I started to blow up, dialed it back a tad and then finished strongly.  It was a good confidence builder and now I have to figure out how to maintain that intensity throughout the whole race.

The full race, an hour and a half later, went well once I got the first lap past me. Legs were a bit dead at the beginning but they warmed up and all was well, deep in the pain cave for the rest of the day.  One of the guys that I go back and forth with made it entertaining, crashing in front of me, letting my bridge up, and then we see sawed back and forth for the rest of the race with him pulling away a little at the end.  It was so much FUN to be going at it with someone else, giving no quarter and asking for none.   We’ll see how it goes  this weekend!