Fun ride today at the age based Texas State CX championships.  I raced in the 40+ 4/5s and nearly missed the start!  I was getting ready to go to the bathroom and lose some of the water I’d been drinking and I glanced over at the starting line and much to my surprise, the fields were lining up.  Shit!!  I booked over, just in time to see the kids before us take off, snap my vest off (it had gotten cold), hand said vest to Coach Christina, unclip from one pedal and BOOM off we went.  Yowza.

I passed a few guys and moved up, and then started to enjoy the course (mostly, except for the sand!!).  Near the end of the race, I hit one of the off camber little dips just right and burped my rear tire, which caught my attention.  I backed off a little bit and held on till the end – finishing my first race without getting lapped by the leaders all year!

It’s truly a minor victory – but it was one of my goals at the beginning of the season.

And tomorrow… we get to do it again.  Will be a slightly tougher field, I’m sure, as we race together with all the Cat 5s so not just old dudes tomorrow but young punks as well.

Was a fun race today, I more or less enjoyed myself!