I continued the trend today on racing stronger on the 2nd day than on the first.  I have no explanation for it!  According to Strava, I believe I was over one mph faster on Sunday than on Saturday over the same exact course with no changes.

The biggest difference as far as I could tell was that on the power sections of the course I was going harder and on the twisty, what I’d call recovery sections, I was actually getting a little bit of recovery.  The other main thing was that for two races in a row, I didn’t get lapped by the leaders, not even the 4s that started a couple minutes ahead of us.

Not getting lapped by the leaders was one of my goals this year, after last year’s embarrassment of getting passed by my grandmother and a bunch of 10 year olds in every race, most of the time, more than once.

My lines were good through the technical sections and I did not lose time there.  Still losing time on the longer power sections, but it’s not from a lack of trying.  And, unlike Saturday’s race, I didn’t burp my rear tire on the little ditch section,  just tried to stay “light” on the pedals and not hit the ditches too hard.

This leaves us with only two more races, with 4 days of racing between them until the end of ‘cross season.  I’m not ready for it to end, mostly, but I do think my body will enjoy a few days off the bike once it’s over and done with.

I’ve started to change up my diet a little bit because I still need to lose some weight.  I’m not making any major changes now, still in the midst of the season, but I am altering the timing of food, and I’ve pretty much eliminated sugar and cokes.  Still eating carbs, but only right before and after my workouts.  So, with 3 weeks to go until my next race…. let’s see what happens!